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Conference fee is $540 USDs.

As you all know, as we hunt for incredible Shamans and ‘Illustrious Presenters’ we will add them to the conference website as they are confirmed. We have many ‘in the shoot’ now.
The USDollar has become quite strong in the last few months, climbing from 2.60 Soles to 1 USD to now it is 3.2 Soles. In other words, at 2.60 Soles you would get 260 Soles to 1 USD. Now you get 3.20 Soles to 1 USD. Pretty incredible, means your dollar buys alot more now than used to. As well, gas prices have dropped so expect to see a reduction in international and national flights. So here’s the good news. This means the costs for running the conference has gone way down as well. So here is what he have decided to do: We are lowering the price of the Conference to the price it was when it began, 11 years ago. The current published price for the Conference was $740. We are now reducing it to $540.

We are accepting  Moneygram.   MONEYGRAM you can go to your local office or you can do it online at WWW:EMONEYGRAM.COM

The cost of your reservation is $200 dollars.  In order to avoid long lines at conference registration, please pay the final payment for the conference online before you arrive.

 MONEYGRAM should be sent to:

Alan Thomas Shoemaker
Av. Petro Peru, Urb. Rio Mar C8
Iquitos, Peru

Region is Loreto

Please put all three names on the form you fill out: Alan Thomas Shoemaker

If asked, ‘Shoemaker’ would be maternal and ‘Thomas’ would be Paternal.

email is: cell is: (+)51 957441331

Once you’ve made your payment, please send the reference number for pick up to me at:

People paying in groups may use bank wire transfer directly into the account of Alan Thomas Shoemaker. Please write to for information on bank wire transfers.

When you have made your payment please notify me at and I’ll confirm.