Brandy Foord

Brandy grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of British Columbia where she from a very young age would go outside to sing to the sun and the moon. She grew up exploring the ocean shores, the mountains and the deep forests where her father taught her the importance of nature and this is where she felt the power and connection of all living things. She has always remembered having a relationship with spirit beings that would visit her when she was playing outside in nature or surrounding her bed at night. She could see energy fields around plants, animals, people and her self. By playing with the light which flowed from her hands, she intrinsically knew that this light was energy that she could use for healing. This all seemed very normal to Brandy, in fact she thought this was the experience for everyone. It was not until she grew older when she experienced many people asking her to talk and to ask questions and tell her their problems. Soon she realized that these people did not have the same experience with the world as she did and she started to experience many different symptoms of physical and emotional discomfort in her body. She realized during her young years that she was feeling a great burden for the pain and suffering of others. Years later Brandy realized these emotional and physical symptoms were that of an empath. She started to read books she had found on her mother’s bookshelves about energy healing and self discovery and from there embarked on her own journey in finding people who were having the same experiences that she was having in her body and with the spirit world.

Her first experience with a shamanic practitioner was with Sue Peters who she received her ReikiMT and various other tools. This was 20 years ago. In those 20 years Brandy has been led by spirit to find ways to grow her own shamanic tool kit while offering reiki, quantum touch and crystal healing. She became a volunteer counsellor through the volunteer certification program at Citizen’s Counseling Centre in Victoria.

A few years later Brandy met her future husband Steven who had built a home in Colombia and was apprenticing as an ayahuascuero with Taita Edilberto Criollo Queta. With a feeling of “coming home”, Brandy learned how to work with ayahuasca and has received the gift of Icaros from the Grandmother Ayahuasca. She is now a devoted student to Taita Edilberto Criollo Queta and the ancient cultures of the Cofan of the Colombian Amazon region in Putumayo.
In Canada she is working as a Life Coach and Shamanic practitioner with her focus being on her four children. Her mission is to continue her walk as an ayahuascuera traveling to many countries offering ceremonies and assisting others in finding their own divinity, clarity and happiness.

Brandy and her husband are currently offering ayahuasca retreats with an extensive integration aspect in Colombia at The Homoluminous Retreat Centre and in other countries abroad.

“Our journey here is to unlearn fear and bring love back into our hearts. Love is essential. Love is the ultimate goal. Being consciously aware of it and experiencing love in ourselves and others is the true meaning of life.”