Mark Thornberry

I was born in Orange N.S.W Australia. I came to Peru in 2009 at the request of my sister Tracie, a drug and alchohol counsellor, to help build a rehabilitation center using plant medicins. The first project is still in operation as The Hummingbird  Center. During the first year here in Peru I was basically drinking ayahuasca and discovering the culture. I drank with many ayahuasqeros who encouraged me to learn the medicina, I thought they got the wrong guy here, I’m an heroin addict in recovery as NA says. After the Hummingbird was complete and I had little to do I eventually gave in to the encouragement I received and agreed to learn thanks largely to Don Javier Shuanano. So I approached Don Ron Wheelock and asked if he would teach me. He agreed after careful consideration, It was a choice i appreciate everytime I drink. I sat beside him and did everything I was told by this tough hillbilly with a big heart and drank what he handed me. My path after 20 or so dietas has lead me to be more of a teacher and to encourage young people to take up the path of healer as the world we gringo’s know is in a dismal state. After eight years and building our own center Phoenix ayahausca, I’m just getting some healing results with PTSD addiction and soul retreival work. I seem to have an ability to produce good medicina as told to me by the Grandmother of ayahuasca.

I now live and work alone in Mexico visiting an Iboga center working and looking for better ways to prevent relapse from addiction using ayahuasca and sapo and encouraging younger people to take on this rewarding life.