Heal Thyself ~ Shamanism in the Amazon

Price: $310
This includes 2 nights Hotel (double occupancy), breakfast, transportation to/from airport, historic sites, and entrance fees.

Sacred City of Caral-Supe:

The 5000-year-old 626-hectare archaeological site is situated on a dry desert terrace overlooking the green valley of the Supe river. It dates back to the Late Archaic Period of the Central Andes and is the oldest center of civilization in the Americas. Exceptionally well-preserved, the site is impressive in terms of its design and the complexity of its architectural, especially its monumental stone and earthen platform mounts and sunken circular courts. One of 18 urban settlements situated in the same area, Caral features complex and monumental architecture, including six large pyramidal structures. A quipu (the knot system used in Andean civilizations to record information) found on the site testifies to the development and complexity of Caral society. The city’s plan and some of its components, including pyramidal structures and residence of the elite, show clear evidence of ceremonial functions, signifying a powerful religious ideology. We will participate in an ancient ceremony in one of these structures The Ceremony was designed to bless the warrior within. After our journey in Iquitos, we will be ready for this step towards personal empowerment, this ancient tradition

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Sacred City of Pachacamac:

20 miles from Lima, it is a city of 17 pyramid structures, from 200 AD. We will release all unwanted tensions and stressers in the Templo Viejo, after which we will take in the ancient frescoes, as we appreciate the artist within.

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