Keely Spell

Keely Spell grew up in the small town of Hope Mills, North Carolina. As a child she had a deep desire for adventure, a compassionate heart and a passion for connecting with others.  After high school she moved to Florida where she attended college at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale where she studied graphic design and photography. After college she traveled to South East Asia and The Caribbean and lived in five different states up and down the east coast and the Cayman Islands. Finally, she ended up back in south Florida where she married and had her daughter, London Bleu, now fourteen years old.

Her journey of self-development began twenty five years ago, however she had her spiritual awakening eight years ago when she got sober. She was a single mom at that time and she wanted a better life for she and her daughter. She has spent the last eight years diving into different modalities, self-discovery, health, awareness, knowledge and understanding not only about the world around her, but understanding self and how she ended up in such a dark and unsatisfying place. She finally realized what was missing when she was younger was her connection to her Self. Since that moment she has devoted all of her heart and energy into reconnecting, healing and pealing back the layers of things that no longer support that connection. She is learning to master happiness, awareness, self-love and living life authentically.

A few years ago she was called to Ayahuasca. The very first time she ever heard of it, she knew that somehow this indigenous tea would help change her life for the better. She also knew that her purpose was somehow intertwined with it. She bought The Cosmic Serpent and read it three times before ever sitting in her first ceremony. After traveling to different places in Colombia for healing and sitting with shaman from all over the world, she sat with Taita Juanito Chindoy from Colombia, when he was doing a tour in Costa Rica. She knew the first time she drank Yage’, or Ayahuasca, with him and his team of healers that she had found her soul family. She is now a devoted student to Taita Juanito and the ancient cultures of the Inga and Siona lineages of Amazonian Colombia region of Putumayo.

She hopes to bring a better understanding and acceptance to this healing to the world. One way she does this is sharing her journey of healing and evolution through videos and motivational posts on her Facebook page,  YouTube channel and blog. This selfless service has evolved into breakthrough coaching with clients from all over the world. She has now found a gift in Integration Coaching to help others process and apply their experience after ceremonies as well. This was a clear message given to her by the Grandmother Medicine during a journey. She is a healer and is here to be of service to others. What started as a quest to get something for herself has turned into a mission to help others heal and reconnect with their self and nature. She is hosting a Shamanic Sisterhood Retreat in June in Costa Rica and planning on more in the future to help share this amazing gift from our Mother.

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