Doña Patrice

A positive outlook and sharing her loving heart is what defines Doña Patrice.  From childhood, she used her hands to heal people. She attended nursing school and holds degrees in Psychology, Education and Counseling.  Currently, she has a counseling office and healing center at an historic estate, The Jackson Ranch, in Texas.  There, whole health seminars, yoga, tai chi, concerts, and more, take place often in the Chakra Garden.

Doña Patrice spent many years working with Toltec Master, don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) and his family, including energy healing with don Miguel’s mother, Sarita. She has facilitated Context Training – restructuring how you think, and been a student of EST and ESP development.  She has a keen sixth sense!

For more than ten years, Doña Patrice has lead groups on personal growth journeys to North, Central and South America, and Egypt.  She has been a student of and practiced natural healing for over 30 years.  She owns a publishing company, Skinny Llama Productions, and has penned books in a variety of subjects, from Poetry to Healing.  Recently, she published a book and documentary on Incan healing with Dr. Manuel Canales Morales, a naturopath based in Arequipa. The book is full of remedies and cures  procured from papachos (village/tribal healer) all across Peru.  Hence the title, Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets.(Available in English and Spanish!)  This book, and Doña Patrice’s other books, can be found on and will be available at the conference.  However, at this conference, Patrice will discuss her latest book, First Morning Urine, a fascinating cross cultural guide on using your own urine for healing!

A vocalist with International acclaim, Doña Patrice is very active in film and music production. She will be filming the conference and conducting interviews throughout.  Post conference, Doña Patrice will lead a group to ancient sacred places in Peru rarely visited by tourists!  To request information, write to

“Honor your personal life journey and join me for this most educational and rewarding time, the 12th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference in Iquitos, Peru.  Many Blessings!”  Doña Patrice