Paul Reynolds

Ex-Pat Baby Boomer Jungian Research Psychologist, semi-retired in the Jungle publishing research on adjuncting Jung’s Analytical Psychology with local Shamanic Practices. He is following in Jung’s journey when he went to Africa and visited native tribes as part of determining where Western Civilisation had gone off the rails.

He has undertaken university studies in philosophy, science and Jungian Analytical Psychology. As is typical for polymaths he has also studied broadly including (alphabetically) Alchemy; Anthropology; Archaeology; Art; Cosmology; Eastern Mysticism; Engineering; Epistemology; Evolution; Geology; History (of most things); Metaphysics; Mythology; Philosophy; Quantum Mechanics; Symbology; Theology; and this comprehensive tour of the humanities and sciences affords him an excellent macro view of the human condition.

He worked extensively in many Australian Feds for 3 decades until he realised how toxic western culture has become to sustaining ones optimal soul trajectory. His main objective with Jungian Psychology is to revitalise atrophied introspective analytical practices by researching leading edge modern science meeting archaic healing traditions. Like Jung who saw that many of his patients suffered from no more than industrial era dislocation, he is undertaking scientific research to evaluate the effectiveness in adjuncting Jungian analysis with shamanic encounters and offering a structured methodology for westerners to escape their own self inflicted confusion.

Even in Jung’s time 100 years ago the dislocation from natural instincts through the artifice of Victorian Europe was the underlying cause of about 30% of his patients with what could be termed ontological angst. World Health Organisation has recently promoted depression to the top of the epidemic diseases list, which is bound to start development of newer, cleverer soma gas cocktail, to aid in numbing out the personal unconsciousness or what Jung called the Shadow. Sadly from a Jungian perspective this is little more than stealing ones means of personal redemption as the information needed to de-concretise malignant life postures, is gridlocked in the billabong turmoil.

During his travels to visit native tribes he was asked if he had interest in some form of comparative study, particularly given the correlation of dreams across cultures. As he was already overloaded with his alchemical research of which he and is able assistant Marie Von Franz were the preeminent scholars, he did not pursue shamanism mythology research. However 3 notable scholars influenced by Jung did, Mircea Eliade, Joseph Campbell and Donald Sandner and their material is the basis for the Jung/Shamanism Framework being currently developed.

Specifically avoiding any attempt to become a Shaman/Jung hybrid, he believes Jung is best applied post ceremony as a sensate imagery translator, using the visceral archetypal material released in a shamanic ritual. To this end he has developed Archetypal Symbology Integration Framework which is a comprehensive view of the Shamanic Pilgrims adventure, from despairing angst at home to the entire Jungle Pilgrimage and returning home with deployable inner value. It uses a hybrid form of dream analysis to interpret sensate symbology released in shamanic experiences that is more vibrant and thus higher fidelity analytical fodder.

The Framework recognises the difficulties westerners have translating cross cultural shamanic experiences and has a scientific methodology to create robust, high fidelity front brain scaffolding that can assimilate the wild side of the jungle. Given how dumbed down the zombie gridlocked west has become and as their personal history windows are so anaemic they are even illiterate of their own traditions, let alone making an accurate interpretation of the arcane messages of the jungle.

He has published a Research Framework on as well as a History of Consciousness highlighting the cultural, climatic and biological constraints to the onward march of consciousness reunification. He is currently working on a paper on Jung’s Individuation Transformation Methodology called How to derive your optimal personal trajectory – The Nanny State stole my Mojo and I want it back which is the basis of his presentation at the conference. This particularly relevant in the age of Gangster Trumpism where personal sovereignty and the souls optimal trajectory have never been so threatened.

He has been a National Project Manager on $200M projects and a lead analyst on multi-billion dollar programs. He spent 3 decades mentoring Fed analysts in business, policy, security, technology and operational frameworks and is leveraging this experience in peak performer mentoring for the Shamanic Pilgrims Framework. He is also an accomplished musician playing several instruments, had a successful motorsport team in Australia and is a qualified pilot.
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Jung’s Individuation Transformation Methodology – How to derive your Optimal Personal Trajectory (subtitle – The Nanny State stole my Mojo and I want it back)